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Worlds Biggest Hockey Expo 2018 edition

Coach Jeremy

Every year during the Minnesota state hockey tournament there is a hockey expo that brings the best hockey companies together. In this video I showcase some of the coolest products at the show. Check out the companies below

HockeyShot: https://www.hockeyshot.com
Pacific Rink: https://www.pacificrink.com
Sparx: http://howtohockey.com/'>http://howtohockey.com/link/sparx'>http://howtohockey.com/'>http://howtohockey.com/link/sparx
Beauty Status: https://beautystatushky.com
Great Lakes Hockey: https://www.greatlakeshockey.com
Old Wood New Art: https://www.reclaimedoldwoodnewart.com/portfolio
Hockey Sauce Kit: https://www.hockeysaucekit.com/
VR Goalie Training: http://www.netstarshockey.com
Floorball Plus: https://floorballplus.com/
EZ ICE: https://www.ezicerinks.com/howtohockey
Nice Rink: https://www.nicerink.com
Iron Sleek: https://www.ironsleek.com
Carbon Sports stick: http://www.carbonsportsllc.com
NICC stick: http://www.nicchockey.com
Profiler Plus: http://www.pro-filer.com/profiler/
VamoTech Net: https://www.vamotech.com/

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SHOOTING APP: http://howtohockey.com/'>http://howtohockey.com/new-isnipe-hockey-shooting-trainer-app/'>http://howtohockey.com/'>http://howtohockey.com/new-isnipe-hockey-shooting-trainer-app/

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