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Top 10 NHL Fastest Skaters Ever

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Think of the fastest skater in the NHL today? How do you think he would stack up against the fastest nhl skaters ever? Being the fastest skater on the ice is something every hockey player in the world wants to be. What is a hockey player that can not skate? These are the players who have mastered their speed on the ice and who can change games with their open ice ability. These are the NHL fastest skaters ever. Goals of the Year 1990-2018. Top 10 Richest Hockey Players Of All Time. The 10 Most Hated NHL Hockey Players. Top 10 Sports Busts. Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin: Who Has the Edge? Wayne Gretzky | Mixed Views on Modern Hockey. Ovechkin's slash has Crosby angrily leaving game. The Best NHL Players per Team. Life and Times of Wayne Gretzky. Top 10 NHL Shootout Goals of All-Time. Top10 Rising Sports Stars - Hockey. Top 10 Insane World Cup Moments. NHL Best Passes Of All Time. Top 10 Skillful Players in Football 2018. Most Electrifying NHL Goals in Recent Playoff History (HD).

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