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Stupid Questions Female Hockey Players Get Asked

Bobby Saretsky

Stereotypes, myths, and the dumbest questions women's hockey players face today. NHL: Snowing the Goalie. Kids HocKey HorseShoe Tournament In Canada and Hotel Knee Hockey. Bubbles on Hockey Night in Canada. Dude Perfect Hockey Skills Challenge | FACE OFF. Best Gifts for Hockey Players 2017 Edition. Kids HocKey Outdoor Rink BreakAway ShootOut. NHL 'What are the Chances' Moments. The Unbreakable Hockey Stick - Durability Test. 10 Times Mitch Marner Looked Incredible. NHL Stuff Thrown on the Ice. Hockey Night in Canada: The many sides of Evgeni Malkin. Most Memorable Moments in NHL and Olympic History. NHL 16/17, Regular Season Florida Panthers - Pittsburgh Penguins. NHL Top 10 Bizarre Playoff Moments. Best Saves in NHL History.

by Bobby Saretsky