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NHL 17 HUT | Edmonton Oilers Road To D1 EP 10 (Penalty Shot Problems..)

Taurine x

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I am using the the Edmonton Oilers roster that is currently in HUT at their lowest ovr.
I plan on upgrading players to their next highest ovr card, I am trying to make it to D1 with just the Oilers current roster.
If a player gets traded I get rid of him also.

* If a player hits a 15 point milestone or have an outstanding game (4 pts for both Defense men & Forwards)
*For Goalies I wanted them to get an upgrade after hitting 15 wins.
*If a player gets injured on my team I substitute them out for 1 game and add a player from the Oilers that is currently not in the lineup.
*If a player that already hit a milestone on my team has a new card come out they automatically get the upgrade (if they don't have any special cards out already).

posted by zaglavje5r