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Kids HocKey HorseShoe Tournament In Canada and Hotel Knee Hockey

Butcher Boyz Rule

Carter and his Buffalo Regal Teammates Head up to Burlington for the Horseshoe hockey Tournament triple A Novice Action and play knee hockey/mini sticks at the hotel

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Carters Gear
Skates CCM Tacks 5092 https://goo.gl/DmDyvs
Shinpads CCM Tacks 7092 https://goo.gl/dvJwSW
Shoulder Pads CCM Tacks 7092 https://goo.gl/p7sDYw
Elbow Pads CCM 5092 https://goo.gl/QuXxBX
Stick CCM Super Tack 2.0 https://goo.gl/2Co8SC
Gloves CCM Super Tacks https://goo.gl/jQoWBG
BattleMode Stick https://modehockey.com/?afmc=BBR10
BUTTENDZ https://buttendz.com/
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