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Fighting for a Dream - NHL Enforcer Docmentary

Always Hockey

Fan-Made Mash-Up Documentary

plesse read before you comment...

This Video was created for the fans by a fan. It was also used in a project discussing fighting in hockey. I do not own the rights to these clips, interviews and music. This is created completely for educational & entertainment use. The media in this video compiled of footage from many different sources. 70% of the clips are from Ice Guardians is the main Documentary used for this video.

Ice Guardian's was used and I am not trying to hide that. The video doesn't need your pointless comments about it being used.

"Fighting for a Dream" was created to show both sides of being an enforcer and provide the best knowledgeable documentary possible.

Thank you for watching and please remember I do NOT own these clips, as it is a "mashup" of different clips from other media videos. KNEE HOCKEY GAME # 24 - HURRICANES / CAPITALS / FLYERS - SEASON 2 - QUINNBOYSTV. Weird NHL Vol. 13: The Weirdest. Skating with two NHL Defencemen. FIGHT IN THE TUNNEL! | GoPro Hockey | Beer League. OTTAWA CELEBRITY GAME w/ COACH JEREMY. Hockey Tiles You can Skate on! Revolution Tiles Review. Super Shooter Review - Crazy Hockey Net. No Mercy - BSHL Cup Game 2. Hockey Night in Canada: The many sides of Evgeni Malkin. I'm Selling my Hockey Gear! Worlds Biggest Hockey Expo 2018 edition. Stupid Questions Female Hockey Players Get Asked. Dude Perfect Hockey Skills Challenge | FACE OFF. Change the Angle - Summer Skills ep9. TWO-HANDED SLASH to the FACE! | GoPro Hockey | Beer League.

posted by fornlegh6